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15th Wedding Anniversary

Crystal is the primary material for the fifteenth anniversary with glass as the modern material and watches as the alternate modern choice. Plenty of great options for gift giving!

Beautiful crystal jewelry, crystal flowers, or a figurine would make a nice gift. The crystal anniversary is also a great opportunity to invest in a feature piece of decorative crystal or art glass for your home.

Glass also provides a very wide range for gifts including jewelry, wine, personalized keepsake gifts, vases, tableware, mood lighting, and so many more unique possibilities.

Ruby, Alexandrite, and Rhodolite garnet are the alternate modern jewelry materials for the 15th anniversary.


Traditional 15th Anniversary:
Modern 15th Anniversary:
Alternate Modern:
Alternate Jewelry Materials:
Rhodolite garnet


Gift Links for 15th Anniversary

Swarovski crystal flowers, jewelry and figurines
Crystal roses and flowers
Lenox fine crystal

Glass artisan jewelry
Personalized glass anniversary gifts
Glass mood lighting
Oneida drinkware
Tableware with flair
Works of art mirrors
Wine gift baskets
Zagat monthly wine club
Artisan art glass
Glass figurines
Home decor accessories

Fossil men's watches
Fossil women's watches

"15" Gift Ideas:
15 French chocolates in wood keepsake box
15 French chocolates in regular box

Alternate Modern Jewelry Stones & Metal:
Ruby: here and here
Rhodolite garne

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Party Planning:
Favors and decorations



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We visited a glass making factory and saw the glass makers blow glass through a blowing tube. It was amazing to watch this! I never knew exactly how it was made before, and this gave me a real appreciation of the beauty and skill it takes. Then we had a romantic dinner together before driving home. The kids were already asleep so we took our romantic evening straight to bed.
-- Craig and Judy









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