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6th Wedding Anniversary

The traditional materials for your sixth anniversary are candy and iron. If you are looking for an elegant idea that incorporates the candy theme while also handily including the alternative material for year six, wood, then these gourmet chocolates in elegant wooden boxes would be a perfect idea.

Another idea, combining both primary traditional materials, is to arrange a gourmet assortment of your husband's or wife's favorite candies in a decorative iron bowl (or one that looks like iron), perhaps with a red rose and love note sticking out the top. Have it on the kitchen table or counter in the morning so that it welcomes in the day ahead. A neat idea for this is to personalize a love message using M&M candies.

A similar idea would be to use ribbons to tie decorative candies to one of the iron statuettes in the left column. The same thing could be done for any of iron sculptures. Alternatively, simply place the iron statue within an arrangement of candy and flowers.

The iron anniversary is a also good opportunity to acquire items for the home like a cast iron pan, trivet, plant stand, decorative mirror, serving bowl, or other home decor. If either of you play golf, perhaps an iron golf club or sports store gift certificate would be a welcome gift. Men might also like other sports equipment - think "pumping iron". There are also some fun iron sculpture ideas for guys in the left column on this page.

Also consider artisan iron jewelry or regular jewelry using materials that look similar in coloring to iron, such as black tahitian pearls, tungsten, and silver metals.

Alternatively, there is a wide range of wood themed gifts so check out our fifth anniversary page for ideas.

Amethyst and Turquoise are the alternate modern jewelry materials for the 6th anniversary.


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Gift Links for 6th Anniversary

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Iron sculptures from recycled auto parts (great designs for him or her)
Family name iron wrought cross
Cast iron roses
Artisan iron gifts for the home
Outdoor furniture
Personalized iron gifts
Sports team gift ideas for your husband
Fossil watches for him

For wood ideas, see our 5th anniversary page

Alternate Modern Jewelry Stones & Metal:

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For my husband on our 6th aniversary I am getting him a cast "iron" bacon press. He is obsessed with flatening the bacon while it cooks and usually uses a fork. And, what man doesn't love bacon or anyone for that matter!
-- Tina Holmes

For our 6th anniversary my husband and I purchased Guitar Hero - so we could play our favorite heavy metal songs.

I am not sure if it is iron or not, but my husband and I decided to buy an exercise machine to stay in shape.
-- Jackie

What better excuse to eat ALL our favorite sweets?!
-- Henry and Liz






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