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13th Wedding Anniversary

Lace is the traditional AND modern material so definitely a gift with lace in it, or with a lace them, is right on target.

Great ideas for lace would be clothing, accessories like scarves, or a floral arrangement with Queen Anne's lace. Filigree lace jewelry would be a perfect match for the 13th anniversary!

Lingerie can be a really fun and spicy gift for your wife, but do keep in mind that some women have mixed feelings about lingerie. Many love it, and some are ambivalent. A few might even dislike it. It would be impossible for us to tell you which category your wife fits into so our advice is, if you are unsure, play it safe and get lingerie as the second gift rather than a primary gift. If she loves it and wears it often, then you will know for the future!

For the couple, gifts might be decorative tablecloths, curtains, or other lacey home decor.

For jewelry, either go with a lace design in any material or choose a piece with the alternate 13th anniversary modern materials of citrine, moonstone, or hawk's eye. Another option is blue lace agate or crazy lace agate which aren't traditional to the 13th anniversary but are certainly on theme with the lace name. Ultimately it's up to you and what piece you think your wife will most enjoy wearing!

For gifts to give your husband, skip the lace. But you probably already figured that one out! :-) Move right on over to the alternate material textiles and get him a top or other fabric gift with the logo of his favorite sports team, a funny t-shirt, or other clothing.

Fur is another alternate modern material, but please, only choose faux fur! Don't support what is quite often an unregulated, illegal poaching industry in foreign countries. Please only buy products that celebrate the beauty of Earth's creatures...alive!


Traditional 13th Anniversary:
Modern 13th Anniversary:
Alternate Modern:
Faux fur
Alternate Jewelry Materials:
Hawk's eye


Gift Links for 13th Anniversary

Lace Gifts:
Filigree lace jewelry
Blue lace agate jewelry
Crazy lace agate jewelry
Dozen pink roses with Queen Anne's lace
Lace inspired clothing
Lace printed glassware
Teddybear holding a lace rose

Lacy Lingerie:
Sexy lace lingerie
Plus-size recommended by Oprah
Honeymoon lingerie

Textile for Her:
Women's artisan clothing
Beautiful scarves, shawls, and wraps
Cute collection of loungewear and undergarments
Women's flirty aprons
Luxurious wool scarves and shawls
Animal themed sterling silver jewelry

Textile for Him:
Husband's favorite sports team clothing
Unusual collection of men's loungewear
Cheeky men's aprons
Men's clothing
Men's accessories
Funny t-shirts
Unusual t-shirts
Shop by activity at Columbia Sportswear
Men's suits, coats, and dress shoes

Textiles for Both:
Personalized gifts for anniversaries
Personalized silk pillows
Pillows and throws in international designs
Artisan-crafted animal theme gifts
Rugs from around the world
Donate to Animals Asia
Donate to PETA
or your local animal shelter!

Alternate Modern Jewelry Stones & Metal:
Citrine: here, here, here, and here
Moonstone: here and here
Hawk's eye: here

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I went to your website looking for a gift idea for my husband - it's our 13th anniversary... LACE, really??! It was helpful and I'll go to the NFL store, so we'll both be happy.

But I'm sending you this note because I'm really appreciative for your efforts to be kind and cruelty free - with a funny and light touch!! Sometimes the message gets lost. But every time it's reinforced, it's a WIN!

So, thank you!!

Best wishes!
-- Peggie H.


How about some lacy privacy curtains for the bedroom?
-- Deb













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