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35th Wedding Anniversary

Coral or Jade jewelry is the perfect gift to give your wife for your 35th anniversary. Chances are that she won't already have those kinds of jewelry in her collection.

We recommend that you take note of the shapes and styles of her favorite jewelry - the stuff she wears often - and then choose a coral or jade item in a similar style. For example, if she loves wearing dangly earrings, try some striking red coral earrings where the coral hangs down from the metal post a bit. Or an elegant jade!

There are also other great options such as jade home decor, a decorative serving tray, teapot, jade/coral colored clothing, or pull in the sea theme with seashell or tropical style gifts.

For a variation on the coral theme, nautical gifts can also be given to the water-loving man.

Options to give the couple together might be a baby jade bonsai plant, jade artisan pottery, or the coral-themed candle to the right.

For a more exotic idea, a trip to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or a Caribean cruise will be remembered fondly forever. Then you can hang your favorite picture on the wall from the trip using a seashell or jade colored frame.


Coral and Jade
Alternate Modern:
  • Red coral jewelry
  • Sculptures
  • Candleholders
  • Decorative bowls
  • Bookends
  • Black coral
  • Jade jewelry
  • Chinese jade gifts
  • Jade chess set
  • Nautical theme gifts
  • Tropical holiday
  • Elegant tropical clothing
  • Jade sculpture
  • Jade bonsai
  • Jades of other colors besides green
  • Trip to the Orient


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We took a cruise through the Caribbean and snorkled the reefs whenever we had the opportunity at a stopover.
-- Jack M.

Being of Irish heritage, my husband found a Celtic pendant with a coral stone in the middle!
-- Anonymous










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