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by Dan

Planning something special for an anniversary doesn't have to be complicated. What it does have to be is an expression of love. Your celebration should be something out-of-the ordinary that makes a statement about what she means to you and what you mean to each other. Big or small, there are endless romantic ways to recognize the years you have shared, and plan to share, with your wife.

Get away if you can. Maybe your wife has expressed an interest in a particular restaurant, cultural event, or vacation idea. If she has, she would be delighted to know that you were listening to her and that you are putting her desires first. Try to arrange a getaway - for an evening or a few days - but throw in a surprise in as well. Take her to that restaurant she's been talking about the night the pianist is playing. Get first row seats to a play. Make sure your hotel room has a Jacuzzi and order room service to be brought in at a pre-determined time. This will prove to her that, not only were you listening, you were also thinking about how to make the event as special and memorable as possible.

Especially when both your lives are hectic, spending time with your spouse is the most precious gift you can give her. When possible, take the time to slow down and recognize each other as lovers and friends in an environment totally removed from the complications of your daily existence. Taking time out to reinforce romance is something done for both of you, but sometimes excusing yourselves from both of your jobs does not prove feasible. You must find another way to recognize your anniversary.

Your anniversary plans should be as unique as your marriage. Adjust and define them according to who you are as individuals and who you are as a couple. No matter what you do, as long as you do something that shows how much you care, she'll love you all the more for it.

Buying a gift may seem like a no-brainer, but anniversary gifts can either sink or swim. An anniversary is not an excuse to buy something that you both need. (An ATV does not say "I love you.") A gift purchased for an anniversary should be one from the heart - one that does not benefit you. Quality and thoughtfulness should be the standards of foundation when choosing your gift.

The no-fail gift: Jewelry! When going to your jeweler or shopping online, keep in mind your wife's preferences. Does she like white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or silver? If she's small, it's important to purchase something that will complement her beauty, not overwhelm it. Unless you know her jewelry style very well, play it safe. Go for elegant over flashy. If she likes antiques, find a reputable dealer who can help you in your search.

If you know your wife has no desire for jewelry, a day at a nearby spa is another great idea. Every woman loves a bit of pampering. An all-expense-paid outing with one of her friends is another (with your anniversary itself being a dinner together or some other activity that you know she will enjoy). You can also cleverly deliver a rain-check for a romantic escape in a beautiful bouquet of flowers, wrapped up in a negligee, or in the form of tickets for two to another city.

Lingerie is a popular gift however, beware, only give it if you ALREADY know she like it. If she does not already own at least one sexy number, then there is a good chance that this is not her cup of tea. You can still give a gift of sleepwear, but you might want to make it more of a functional item that she can wear every day like an elegant but comfy pajama set or a luxury bathrobe. The problem with giving her sexy lingerie - if she has not already expressed some interest in it - is that she may interpret it as a gift more for you than her. If you have no idea whether she would like lingerie but want to introduce her to it, that is okay as long as you give it as a secondary gift in addition to a very nice first gift like jewelry or something that you KNOW she wants. Consider the lingerie a test gift. If she does genuinely like it and wear it a lot, you know for future years that it is a safe gift.

Flowers are considered a traditional accompanying gift to the main gift. They are not absolutely necessary if you are already giving an expensive gift. If you are giving a smaller gift, we recommend that you include flowers unless you know for sure that your wife does not care for them. If she has to go to work on your anniversary, send them to her work place (if it is an appropriate environment for that). If you send her flowers every year, it is recommended that you continue the tradition. We also really like this flower of the month club!

The best gift is a surprise. That can be a traditional gift like jewelry or it can be some obscure item that she mentioned once in a conversation a couple months ago. Whatever you choose to do, give it a personal touch with a loving card that is not just signed. Write a warm and intimate note inside. The note itself does not have to be long. It can even be just one line, but adding that extra personalized message will make all the difference.






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