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Everyday Ways To Say 'I Love You'

It’s the simple things that make a lady smile. That’s right you don’t have to buy her a dozen roses - of course that doesn’t hurt. Here are a few simple things you can do to show her how much you care, or that you are thinking of her.


Before leaving the bedroom in the morning, pick up your dirty laundry and put it in the designated spot. This will show her that even though you were in a rush you didn’t want her having to pick up your dirty clothes. It’s amazing how many times a day a mom will have to bend down to pick up everyone’s laundry.


Coffee or Tea in Bed
If you don’t drink coffee/tea and know she does, maybe you could start a cup for her before you head out of the door. Or even better if you have a few minutes to spare, bring her a cup in bed. No, this doesn’t mean whipping up a fancy egg dish and going out into the garden to pick a flower for her (although that’s great if it is a weekend), just bring her a cup of coffee or tea in bed. It’s that simple!


The new foreplay!  Seriously.


Love Note
A special note is one of the biggest things that will make a woman smile throughout the day; it’s something she can look at over and over. It doesn’t have to be all mushy, as we all know not all guys like to write that type of stuff in a letter. Maybe one of these three phrases could help you out:

I love you…

Dinner last night was great…

You were amazing last night…

Find a babysitter for this evening, I’m making reservations somewhere special…

See, it’s nothing too sentimental, but you get the picture. Granted, if you want to add how much you love her or that her hair smelled like roses you could.  I’m sure she isn’t going to mind, but there are many possibilities and you could also write something funny or sexy.  A letter can be long or short, but if you take the initiative to write it, this is what will make her smile.


The Notebook
If the two of you don’t get much time together maybe you could even create a notebook together. Buy a notebook and write something to her, it could be just how your day was or even a memory. Maybe ask her a question or two and leave it out in the open so she can find it or hand it to her as you are leaving for work.  This is kind of like passing notes that you may have done in school. Do you remember the feeling you got once someone you liked passed you a note? Your loved one will feel that instant feeling all over again when you pass her a note. Make her smile today.


With everyone online these days what better way to send her a letter. Send a quick email just to say hi! It doesn’t take much, but when she signs on to check her email she’ll see an email from you and know you are thinking of her.


The Kiss
The minute you see her, wrap your arms around her and give her a kiss hello. You don’t have to sweep her off her feet or even carry her to the bedroom (although not a bad idea either!), just kiss her. Let her know that you love her and want to kiss her. There are so many days that may slip by where you are just too busy and may have forgotten to kiss her.  This way she’ll know that you are still interested in her and are madly in love with her.


Whatever you do, just remember that the simple everyday acts of caring make a big impression throughout a lifetime.  Life is short and none of us know how much time we have on this earth, so take the opportunity each day to express your love to your wife.

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