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Romantic Anniversary Getaway

by Sirena Van Schaik

On the very first anniversary that I ever had, my husband and I got away from the city. It wasn’t a big trip but it was just enough to make our anniversary special and gave us a wonderful long weekend to remember.  On our second anniversary we did the same and it became a very nice way for us to spend our anniversary, even after our children arrived.

When it comes to romantic getaways, there doesn’t have to be a huge vacation that is somewhere exotic, it can be as simple as a road trip, winding down through beautiful countryside’s in an attempt to find a quaint little inn to remember or it can be a small trip to a city that is close to you.

Wherever you go, the main theme of this getaway is romance and it is important to really consider it when you plan this anniversary theme.



While a romantic getaway doesn’t require as much planning as a full fledged vacation, it does require a fair amount of planning to have it go off without a problem.  If you are surprising your spouse with the trip, then you will need to be extra careful on how you plan and you will need to do a little detective work to make sure that your spouse can get away for several days instead of just the anniversary. 

I find that with a romantic getaway, it is better if you decide with your partner on what to do. This way, both of you gets some input and you won’t be worrying about your partner’s deadlines or work commitments that could interfere.

The best thing to do when deciding a destination is to think of time.  Remember, this is a short getaway so you usually only dedicate a weekend to the getaway.  With that in mind, think about how far you want to travel and how many hours you are willing to go.  I have gone 6 hours away on a romantic getaway and while we were tired when we got home, it was completely worth it.

Once you have the destination, find a little known gem of an inn.  Don’t go with the main stream, cookie cutter hotels but find something romantic and completely unexpected.  I found a small log cabin style hotel in the heart of Kentucky one year that was romantic, inexpensive, clean and set in the most spectacular of scenery so don’t think you can’t find romance in an unexpected place.

With the room booked and the destination decided on, you can take some time to research the sights around your hotel.  You may discover some wonderful ones like a cruise at sunset that is only minutes from your hotel. You may also find a nice festival that is happening the weekend you are travelling.

After that, there is nothing else that you really need to do except pack your bags and count down the days to your actual anniversary.


The Anniversary Day

When it comes to the actual anniversary day, it is better if you don’t actually have to travel on it.  Instead, save the travelling for the day before and the day after if you can. 

Before you leave for your trip, pack up a picnic lunch with fresh fruit, finger foods and a few decadent desserts.  Also add wine or champagne and don’t forget to add the glasses.  This picnic is for the nights at the hotel when you are enjoying your time together, either watching a movie or simply talking.

Spend the weekend going for walks, exploring the town you are in and making romantic gestures, which can be as simple as a nice shoulder rub after a hard day of exploring.

The key to this weekend is to simply relax and not worry about the outside world.  You are celebrating your anniversary and the love that has brought you together and there really is no other reason for you to do anything else.


Special Considerations

  • Break off from technology:  One thing that can ruin a romantic getaway is technology.  Turn off the television at the hotel, unless you are planning to watch a movie together on one evening, turn off cell phones and computers and just relax.  If people need to get a hold of you, they will always find a way.
  • Leave a number: Although I told you to turn everything off, leave a number of the hotel so that, if there is an emergency, people can contact you.  You may not get it until you get back to the room but you also won’t worry about things if you know people can access you.
  • Bring a few supplies: While hotels can have a number of items available, bring a couple supplies like body lotion for back massages, candles and bubble baths.  Also, don’t forget that picnic.
  • Don’t rush: Many people get caught up in the sites too much on a romantic getaway that they forget to relax and end up not having a romantic getaway. Instead of rushing, take your time.  The sights will still be there even if you get out the door of your hotel by noon.


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