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by Laura

If you need something fast, perhaps even same day delivery, you can't go wrong with flowers of course. However if you have a day or two, there are many other great ideas too.

The tradition of giving presents that are symbols of each anniversary year has been around for hundreds of years. The gift usually has it origin in ancient traditions. For example, in medieval Germany silver was given on the 25th anniversary. You can even start your own tradition of following the list. That is especially helpful if you are not good at giving great gifts. Giving gifts can become a burden if you have a hard time thinking of gift ideas. Maybe that’s why you have procrastinated - because it is sometimes hard to come up with good ideas. But if you use the modern gift giving list it will be a lot easier. You now have doubled the gift ideas for each anniversary because the list has the traditional gift and a new suggested gift for each year.

For the first anniversary year you can give the traditional gift of paper such as a book that is on the best seller list or a book about an area of special interest to your spouse. But you can also look at the updated list, which suggests clocks for the first anniversary. You can give a watch with a funny face on the dial or a watch that is waterproof if your spouse is forgetful and wears a watch in the shower. Or if your spouse has a hard time waking up in the morning, you can give an alarm clock that wakes you up gradually or one that plays sounds like bells increasingly louder until it is turned off. Let whimsy and your imagination be your guide. You don’t need to give the “perfect” gift-just one that shows you have paid attention and know your spouse’s interests.

The traditional gift for the fifth anniversary is wood, so if your spouse is a gardener or loves nature then you can give a flowering bonsai tree that can be planted in your garden or kept in a pot. Silverware is on the updated list for the fifth anniversary. But don’t just give another place setting of your silverware! Use your sense of humor and give, for example, a silver pin or a silver belt buckle because then your spouse can 'wear' silver.

For last minute gifts to be successful you must know your spouse. For example, if you are trying to think of what to get your husband ask yourself these questions: what is his hobby, what does he like to do in his spare time, what is his favorite sports team, what games did he play as a child, what is his favorite topic of conversation, what country or place does he want to visit someday, and what are his dreams and hopes for the future? The answers to these questions will give you many ideas for gifts.

The updated anniversary list will also spark even more ideas. Connect those ideas with your spouse’s unique interests and personality. Have at least a 2-3 gift ideas in mind  because at the last minute you might not be able to quickly find your first choice. You might have to go to your second or third choice. Don’t worry about it being a last minute gift. You often can come up with your best ideas under pressure.

Use the internet to find which local stores have the product you want.  If you want to make it even easier, order on the internet and pay extra for expedited shipping so you can get the gift in time for your anniversary. Don’t cut this too close, however. Sometimes the gift takes a day longer to get to you than promised. Allow for the possibility of the gift coming a day later. If that will be too late, than go one to the next gift on your list. For last minute gifts you must be flexible and creative.

If you want to shop locally, call places before you go to save time. They may not have what you want in stock so you can save yourself valuable time and a wasted trip to the store. Don’t forget second-hand stores or antique stores if you want to find something special that is one of a kind. For example, if your husband loves trains, you might find a toy train at an antique shop.

Another great gift is a service you promise to your sweetheart. This kind of gift is very quick once you have decided what service you want to give. Get a really nice printable card on which you can write your loving thoughts and what special service you want to do for your sweetheart. It can be a chore that your spouse is responsible for but hates doing-like cleaning out the garage or cutting the grass for a month. Or it can be something romantic like a favorite special dinner followed by an intimate evening. You should set a date for this special night so anticipation can be part of the pleasure.  Stretch your imagination, be inspired, have fun and go with it!

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