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A Man's Guide to Anniversary Planning

The best anniversary a man can give the woman he loves is to start a tradition. It should be special to both of them, but also be flexible. Flexibility will allow for whatever life brings. It should be something that can be modified every year - that way he doesn’t have to rack his brain as to what to give or do. That is agony for a man! 

As circumstances change from year to year, such as moving or finances or children or a new job, it is a precious gift to both of you to keep that thread of a special anniversary tradition.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot - with a woman it really is the thought that counts. Above all, a woman wants to know that you love her, that you think she is the most special person in the world, and that you are so glad that she is in your life.

Here are some ideas to start you planning

  1. Buy a beautiful card and write your own special anniversary message every year. If you can’t think of what to say, think of the little things she does that make your life better - like making dinner every night, doing your laundry, always remembering where you put your glasses, or going to boring office parties with you. Your note doesn’t have to be long - just a few phrases or sentences of what you really feel. Sometimes it is easier to put it into words than to say it.

  2. Instead of going out to a restaurant every year, have an intimate dinner at home. You don’t have to do the cooking either! Most restaurants will offer almost anything on their menu for take out. Make arrangements with the restaurant ahead of time, tell them that you want to reheat it and serve it for an anniversary dinner, ask for heating instruction to be written down, and pick it up in plenty of time so you don’t have to rush. All you have to do is buy the candles, set the table, and reheat. If you have children, ask a friend to watch your children for a few hours while you both enjoy your dinner together.

  3. If you enjoy wine, try experimenting with a new tasting pack every anniversary. Buy a varietal or a vintage that is different. Try a winery that you have never tried. Taste wines from a different country than usual.

  4. Begin a tradition of giving earrings every anniversary. You don’t have to worry about size or color or what is in style this year! Earrings can be made from gold or silver. They can have inexpensive semiprecious stones or expensive diamonds or rubies. Your budget and taste can be your guide. Women wear earrings for all different occasions - for everyday casual wear or for special dress up occasions. You can order earrings online so you don’t even need to go shopping. Most internet sites have clear accurate pictures of what the earrings will look like. The best thing is that every time she puts them on she will think of you!

  5. If you both enjoy the same hobby - like boating or hiking or kayaking - do that on your anniversary every year. It can be over a weekend near your actual anniversary date. Even if one year you can’t get away, drive to a nearby park and take a walk and talk and even have a little picnic if you wish. This is your special time together to reflect on the year and talk about dreams for the future.

These are just a few ideas that will spark your creativity and get you thinking about what you want to do for your own special anniversary celebration.

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