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Ideas to Surprise your Wife

Here are two inexpensive but creative ideas to put a smile on your wife’s face. In addition to giving her a gift (of course!), adding these little surprise expressions of love make the day extra special.

  1. Purchase a scented candle. Write a message to your wife, e.g. “You are the light of my life”, stick it on the candle and place it in her handbag.
  2. Purchase a pad of sticker notes. Write short positive messages for her and stick them in places all over the house where you know she will find them.

To complete the day, combine this idea with roses, a thoughtfully written card, or perhaps cook dinner for her!

Here are some examples and suggestions


Message:   Placement:
I love you   Bathroom mirror.
I appreciate you   Toilet seat, which you have placed down.
Daddy loves Mommy   Children’s school bags.
Love your smile   On her tooth brush.
I need you   The refrigerator door.
I only have eyes for you   TV screen.
You can lead me anywhere   On the dog’s lead.
You turn poop into pearls   On kitty litter tray.
You are priceless
On cheque book.


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