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Breakfast In Bed Anniversary

by Sirena Van Schaik

Breakfast in bed is such a popular event for birthdays and special holidays, such as Mother’s Day, that it is a shame that few people think about doing it on an anniversary. Sure, it is two people’s anniversary but there is something very romantic about waking up your spouse with a beautiful tray filled with flowers, good food and a great cup of coffee or tea.

What can make a breakfast surprise even nicer is to turn your little breakfast in bed, into a picnic in bed where both of you can lounge, nibble on a few treats and simply snuggle away the hours as you watch the sunlight slowly fill your room. Once you are done your breakfast surprise, you can either return to bed or get up for a whole new anniversary adventure.



When most people think of breakfast in bed, they rarely think that it requires any planning but for it to be the best surprise, there should be some planning involved. First, before the big day, take the time to look through your cupboards and make sure you will have everything.

This should include the tray for serving, nice dishes, a vase for flowers, coffee urn, sugar and cream dishes for the coffee, and whatever ingredients that you are planning on serving to your spouse.

When you are deciding on the menu, I would recommend choosing something that doesn’t require too much prep. Remember that this is a surprise and pulling out a large breakfast will make it difficult to keep it a secret for too long since your spouse will hear you in the kitchen.

No matter what meal you choose, you will want to make sure that you have everything in the house the night before your anniversary. Stock up at the grocery store and if you have a treat you don’t want your spouse to see, make sure you bury it at the back of the fridge. Also, purchase flowers and put them in a cold room in water to prevent them from wilting overnight and to keep your surprise from being ruined.

After that, it is simply a matter of waiting for the anniversary to arrive for you to spring your breakfast surprise on the one you love.


The Anniversary Day

On the anniversary day, make sure that you set your alarm for early in the morning. If it is on a day off when you are expected to sleep in, make an excuse the night before about something you need to get started early in the morning.

If you the type of person that has an inner alarm clock, don’t bother to set your outer one so that you don’t run the risk of waking up your spouse. When you do wake up, sneak down to the kitchen and prepare the meal as quietly as you can.

Although your first inclination is to make the coffee first, wait until the meal is ready. You may be surprised by many people wake up at the scent of coffee so try to hold off as long as possible.

When the meal is done, simply set up the tray, add the flowers and if you have a small gift, place it on the tray underneath the napkin. Take it up to your spouse and gently wake them up.

Now many people actually feel that this is where the surprise should end but instead of heading downstairs to clean up, relax on the bed after you help them get situated with the tray. Bring an extra plate for yourself or a cup of coffee and spend the time simply talking and enjoying your time together.

In actuality, this is the reason why you will want to do the breakfast surprise, the time you can spend with your spouse. If you have children, you can set up the surprise for before they wake up and enjoy the quiet time together before the house becomes filled with noise.

Remember, now is really the time to enjoy being married and to really honor the special person that you have come to call your own.


Special Considerations

  • Keep the prep work quiet! One thing that will always ruin the surprise is a lot of noise in the kitchen so choose a meal that is easy to make. One that I would recommend is crepes. You can make this easily simply by purchasing premade crepes, make sure they are unfilled. All you will need to do is prepare fresh berries, such as strawberries and blueberries and whipped cream and then warm the crepes in a frying pan. Wrap them up and place them on a plate with some fresh strawberries, coffee, orange juice and syrup. The meal is decadent, delicious and very easy (and quiet) to make.
  • Choose a favorite breakfast: When you choose the breakfast, make sure you pick something that your spouse would like. If they aren’t a big morning eater, then fill the tray with fresh fruit and coffee.
  • Don’t forget the napkins! I have had this experience many times myself when my spouse will proudly bring in a tray filled with pancakes or something just as sticky and I am left without a single thing to wipe the syrup off my hands or mouth.
  • Set up is important: When you set the food on the tray, make sure that it is orderly and that it isn’t a big mess. Remember set up is key in creating the right atmosphere so make sure you set the tray like the dinner table. Napkin, fork, knife, spoon, dinner plate in the center, smaller plates on the side, flower vase at the top and drinks slightly above and beside the main plate.
  • Give a gift: Many people feel that gifts should be given at the end of the day but there is no reason why it can’t be given at the breakfast. Give your gift with your breakfast surprise and then plan a day where you both can enjoy yourselves, even if it means never getting out of bed.
  • Relax! The last special consideration to make with a breakfast surprise is to relax. Don’t worry about the dishes or getting through the meal, simply enjoy the quiet time you are spending together.





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