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Anniversary Dinner and a Movie

by Sirena Van Schaik

When it comes to a romantic anniversary, many people don’t think of dinner and a movie.  It is, after all, an ordinary date and shouldn’t an anniversary be something out of the ordinary.

While I am all for a large anniversary filled with an overabundance of romance, gifts and sunsets off the bow of a yacht, I know that sometimes that isn’t possible.  I also know that sometimes it is in the ordinary things that you can find the most romantic of gestures.

An anniversary that is simply just dinner and a movie can be just that, something really romantic, and while you can go out for those things, it can be much nicer if you stay in for it.  This also makes it an excellent anniversary for a couple with young children and no baby sitters.



Like every other type of anniversary, a dinner and a movie anniversary does take a bit of planning and it shouldn’t be left for the last minute.  First and foremost, you should really schedule the night so sit down and figure out some things.

If you have children, find out if they can stay over at a close family member’s house, such as grandma’s and grandpa’s for the night.  While you can do a dinner and a movie anniversary with kids fast asleep upstairs, it is much easier if they are out of the house.  The same can be said for dogs since a late night walk right in the middle of the movie so you can meet your canines needs can be a bit of a mood killer so if you can swing for the dog to go visit grandma as well, you will have a whole evening where all you need to worry about it the anniversary.

Once you have everyone situated, it is time to start planning the actual evening.  The next thing you should choose is the meal that you are going to have.  Ask yourself a few questions about how you want the meal and if you want to make it.  Surprising though it may be, many very nice restaurants have take out and you can schedule your meal ahead of time so all you need to do is pick it up and place it on the fine china.

If you are opting for cooking, find a meal that is easy to make but is a favorite for both of you.  Pasta is usually a good choice but you could simply create a little feast of finger foods that can be enjoyed in the living room while you watch your movie.

The other thing that you should take into consideration when it comes to food is movie food.  Remember that when you are cuddling on the couch, you may want to have a few treats that can be munched on during the movie.  While chips and other junk food usually springs to mind, try not to choose any foods that are really heavy since you don’t want to get too full that you can’t enjoy the anniversary completely.

When you have your dinner menu created, and the shopping list if you are cooking at home, the next step is to figure out the movie.  While it may be perfect to pull out the latest blockbuster, especially if it is one you haven’t seen, it is better to go with an old classic.

Maybe choose a movie that you saw early on in your relationship, a first date movie or something, or pick an all time favorite of your spouse.  I know that this is your anniversary too but having a special movie that they enjoy will tell them that you are thinking g of them too.

After that, it is simply a matter of waiting for the special night and also getting out to purchase a nice anniversary gift for your partner.


The Anniversary Day

On the day of your anniversary, the level of work that you will have to do will greatly be determined by the meal. If you are having it catered, then there really isn’t much that you will need to do except make sure that the order is and finding out when the meal will be ready.

If the kids are staying home, prepare a separate meal for them and then get them settled for the evening before you start making your own anniversary meal.  This will allow you to have that romantic dinner with your spouse and not have any kids at the table complaining about your choice in a meal.

Although you are focusing on a dinner and movie, set the mood for the whole event right from the start.  Have nice music playing in the background for the meal and also while you are talking before the movie.  Set up candles in both the dining and living room and purchase some flowers to add another level to the ambiance.

Once everything is in place, simply enjoy the evening together and don’t forget that you can spend time talking either before, after or even during the movie.


Special Considerations

  • The mood: As I mentioned already, you will want to set a mood with candles, flowers and music but also set the mood by removing a lot of the everyday from the home.  Kids should be in bed or at the grandparents, pets should be taken care of before you start and the phone should be turned off so you aren’t interrupted.
  • Toasting: Purchase a bottle of nice wine or champagne or simply rely on favorite drinks.  The important part is having a way to toast each other over dinner and throughout the evening.
  • Curl Up: Curling up on the couch with a throw blanket is the best way to spend the evening but make sure that you cuddle throughout the movie. This is a great way to connect and touch has been proven to strengthen a marriage so don’t sit on separate chairs.
  • Dishes: Although no one wants to do the dishes, you might make it a nice shared activity after the meal.  While it may be tempting to do them the next morning, cleaning them up before the movie will keep your mind on the anniversary and not what you need to do later. Alternatively, as a friend's parents like to say, "We have a deep sink for nights like this." You and your partner know your rhythms best so go with your natural flow.





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